Wednesday, November 5, 2008

Tag Tuesday

OK, The only problem I see here is by the time I get a chance to respond it is already Wednesday, so don't think me crazy for doing "Tag Tuesday" when it is already time for "Wish Wednesday".

Crazy 8 Tag

8 TV shows that I watch:(Haven't had TV for a year now, so Im using TV shows I USED to watch, they may not even be on anymore.)

1. House

2. Fear Factor

3. ER

4. A Baby Story

5. Detective (I think that was the name of it, It was on Discovery)

6. Diagnosis Unknown

7. Anything Medical

8. That 70's Show

8 Things that I did yesterday:

1. Played with Blayke

2. Changed my Blog Background (again)

3. Showered (Always a good thing)

4. Faxed an offer on a home to another agent (Again, always a good thing)

5. Confirmed plans for the rehearsal dinner on November 14.

6. Watched the elections

7. Had lunch and dinner with my best freind Kevin!

8. Answered emails

8 Places I Love to Eat

1. Los Lupes

2. Red Robin

3. Sugars

4. PF Chang’s

5. Cheesecake Factory

6. Olive Garden

7. Macayos

8. Claim Jumpers

8 Things that I am looking forward to:

1. Seeing more of Blayke (and all the kids too)

2. Derycks Wedding

3. The Holidays

4. Retirement

5. Being debt free

6. More grandbabies

7. and more grandbabies

8. and even more grandbabies

8 things on my wish list:

1. Peace on Earth

2. Health and long life for all of my family

3. Early retirement

4. Enough money to take care of my family and freinds

5. To always be 22

6. Rain

7. For the economy to strengthen

8. No more migraines

8 people I Tag:

1. Taryn

2. Nicole

3. Jessica

4. Sheila

5. Ann Marie

6. Annette

7. Audrey

8. Diana


[Somebody Loved] said...

Just saw my name on this tag... it will get done today!!!!