Saturday, March 7, 2009

Something To Think About

A little 10 year old girl was walking home, alone, from school one day, when a big man on a black motorcycle pulls up beside her after following her for a while, turns to her and asks "Hey there little girl do you want to go for a ride?" "NO" says the little girl as she keeps on walking.

The motorcyclist again pulls up beside her and asks, "Hey little girl, Ill give you $10 if you'll hop on the back!" "NO" says the little girl again as she hurried down the street.
The motorcyclist pulls up beside the little girl again and says, " "OK kid my last offer! I'll give you $20 bucks and a big bag of candy if you'll just hop on my bike and we will go for a ride." Finally the little girl stops and turns towards him and screams out "LOOK DAD" your the one who bought the Honda instead of a Harley.......YOU RIDE IT!!!!!!!
WHAT................ did you think this story had a different outcome? Hey I didn't make this stuff up, it was forwarded to me! (hehehe, Thanks Jack, I have to admit I laughed out loud after gasping and holding my breath for a minute waiting for the outcome!) Oh and as far as the title "Something to think about!" You might think twice before buying a Honda instead of a Harley. Your kids just may turn their backs on you.......most definately "Something to think about"!! hehe :)
Just a little humor in honor of my "Big Man on a BLACK MOTORCYCLE" (YES A HARLEY!!!)


♥ Somebody Loved ♥ said...

Very cute story MisS LoRi.

Cute story...
shared it with Tony and Yvette before they left on their fishing trip.


Tami said...

Love the picture of Kev with Rodg! definetly brought a smile to my face and lots of memories of him cruiseing his 4-wheeler around the yard (scarey)! I think I have one of Grandpa on Kevin's Harley I'll have to track it down for you!!

Danila said...

Oh man! I love that picture of Rodgey and Kev, what great memories it brings back! I miss him so much!

Camille said...

I didn't know Kevin got a Harley! So much I have missed out on.