Sunday, November 9, 2008

Smorgasborg Saturday

Im taking Jennifers lead (thanks Jen!) and posting my "Smorgasborg Saturday" soon as I swat this annoying fly that has been buzzing around my head for the past half hour..........why is it that the minute you pick up a flyswatter, they seem to disappear? He'll be back and Ill be armed and waiting.....but in the meantime that gives me a great idea for my "Sucky Saturday" portion of todays post. I get one sentence to complain about something (get it out of my system) before moving onto more productive use of my posting space. HERE GOES........We live across the street from horses and if the door stays open for longer than a nano second the house fills up with flies. Flies DRIVE ME CRAZY!!!!
Ok, on to the next part of my post which is "Survival Saturday". Jennifer challenged us to do something towards our survival preparation or at least to give it some thought each week. Im going to cheat just a little bit here and count my preparation a couple of weeks ago. In the toyhauler we have two queen sized beds (Jax's room and the guest room, humbly referred to in an earlier post), at the opposite side as the "Master Retreat" (again, humbly referred to in an earlier post). In a years time you can really collect alot of "crap" to throw under the beds. After much contemplation regarding preparation and food storage, I made a decision to clean out all of that crap and use the area for as much food storage as I could possible force under there. So with the help of Brittany (Thanks Brit!) we moved all of the unnecessary items to the storage crate outside, thus leaving me a make shift "food storage closet".
And last but certainly not least we have "Service Saturday" my favorite part. Here we are to post service that we have given as well as service that has been provided to us. My service to others included 1- taking a freind to a doctors appointment in Mesquite. 2- Making a valient effort to help a friend in need find a reasonably priced rental, and helping to fix it up so she can move in. 3- Letting Deryck's dog out of his kennel (to go potty) at night while he was on a graveyard shift.
Now I must remark about someone who gave service to me..............where do I begin? There are acts of service provided to me every day all day long, so this is hard. But I will begin with the most important, my best freind, my shoulder to lean on, my tissue getter when I cry (and I do alot of that lately), my lunch date, my dinner date, my teacher, my example, MY HUSBAND! You will have to look far and wide to find a better example of service than Kevin. He has been using his GOT HIM....that darn fly!........sorry, Kevin has been using his vacation time up so that he won't lose it. He had most of the month of October off and it appears that he will also have the majority of the month of November off too. He has spent nearly every day of it providing service. It may be helping Deryck hang blinds, or helping Jestin move furniture, or most days you will find him helping his Dad in the yard. Never one time has he complained. He does it all with a happy heart and I want him to know that I love him for that! Im sure I have murmered a time or two (OK maybe three or four) about the fact that he has had all of these days off and we have not gone on vacation, on a date (does eating at Sugars count?) or much of anything for us. But thats OK. I want him to know that he is my HERO! He is the greatest example of service that I will ever find. By the way he has provided service to me also, just tonight I was complaining about the heater making a loud noise. He jumped right up, grabbed his tools and proceeded to fix the noisy heater. GOOD JOB HONEY, I LOVE YOU!!!!!!! I must close now and replace my "blogging hat" with my "Fly Hunter" hat. Either the earlier fly is reincarnated, or his cousin is buzzing around my head. AARRRGGGG.........Don't flies sleep!!!!!!!


[Somebody Loved] said...

you sure fit a ton of things into your Saturday.

Flies are the worst. They have the pestering down for sure... once they start they don't stop til they drop. Ü Maybe they should learn from this behavior... but NO... maybe that is their way to take care of population control.

I unlike you...
had 'Slow-moving Saturday'. I am still not sure how I hurt my back but after one visit to my chiropractor I am still feeling best standing straight... or laying flat. Sitting for 2 1/2 hours at church today about did me in. I can't wait to go back for appt #2 tomorrow.

ps. I enjoy hearing you talk about Kevin being your best friend... Tony is mine too.