Friday, November 28, 2008

Thanksgiving and Bowling

Thanksgiving was awesome this year. Kevin, myself and Mom and Dad Waters went to the "Eureka" casino in Mesquite and had Thanksgiving dinner. It was great, No time spent shopping, no time spent cooking, no time spent doing dishes and no time trying to find room in the fridge for all of the leftovers. There was however one leftovers. I caught myself about 11:00 last night I wish I had a big peice of apple pie! I got stuff today to make an apple pie, pumpkin pie and some pumpkin cresent rolls this weekend. Wish me luck!
I only hope mine turn out this pretty!

I really missed all of the kids for Thanksgiving this year and I can't wait til next year when they will all be here.

This is pretty random, but I realized that I never posted any pictures of the Wedding Rehearsal Dinner. These are from November 14th at the bowling alley where we had pizza and bowling with all of our family and freinds. We had a blast!

These boys are hams in front of the camera. Their Dad must have taught them how to take pictures! :) At least the girls and the grandbaby are smiling, well Blayke isnt exactly smiling but he is SOOOOO dang cute!!!!!!!


♥ Somebody Loved ♥ said...

Every time I mention going somewhere to have Thanksgiving dinner... my family thinks I am crazy. Of course it is no different for them. I prepared, planned, cooked, and cleaned... during prepare time and clean-up time everyone slept... so I see why it is just as easy for them.
ps. how did the baking go?

Taryn said...

The boys are such dorks! That was so cute when Dee had Blayke dance on the table.