Tuesday, December 16, 2008


For about the past 2 years I have had something very strange taking place around me......at least once a week I will randomly look at either my car clock, the microwave clock, the alarm clock

my cell phone clock

and even my computer clock and see 11:11.

(I know, I know now everyone is going to know how really weird I am.) I even remember being at a hair appointment and looking at the clock there and seeing 11:11. But this is happening way to much for me not to think something strange is taking place. So of course what do I do, I go right to the ever faithful internet and type in 11:11. And guess what? I find that I am not alone. This strange phenomenon is happening to a great big group of people. So what is this all about? Here are a couple of interpretations that I found;

Some say that these are signs from our angels that they are with us, that we are on the
right track, or that something is about to happen. Still others say that when we have this experience, our DNA is being activated on some level - whatever that means. It all comes down to the same thing: this experience is what it feels like it is - a call to pay attention to what may be happening beneath the surface of reality - on what we might call a "spiritual" level.
When you see these number sequences, stop and wonder for a moment at the strangeness of this synchronicity, and what it must mean about the deeper, hidden nature of life. Whether you think angels, aliens or some other force is behind these experiences isn't the point: the important thing is to note that something is trying to tell you something, and it wants you to stop and get quiet and receptive enough to really hear it, for then it can guide you wherever you personally need to go.
Ive tried to shrug it off and say that its just a coincidence but it happens alot. I had such an experience today at my office. As I was going through one of my real estate files, I pulled out several pieces of paper to make copies. As I read through each one I noticed that there was
11 11 everywhere within this file. A home inspection had been performed on this particular property and in viewing it I noticed that the inspection was done on 11-11-08, (my first 11 11 of the day). Upon further review I noticed that the report number for the inspection was 111108, (the second 11 11) On another one of the papers was a fax number that read (702 )_ _ _-4115 (I left the prefix out to protect the innocent, LOL). Notice first the 11 in the middle of the number but whats even stranger is that 4115 equalls.......... you guessed it 11! Ok I was getting a little freaked about this until I re-read the interpretations from earlier.
I personally like the idea of the last sentence;
The important thing is to note that something (or someone) is trying to tell you something, and it wants you to stop and get quiet and receptive enough to really hear it, for it can guide you wherever you personally need to go.
Or as I have said to my sister many a times since this has been happening I just need to
"shut up and listen"
to whatever it is Im being told!


Danila said...

Okay, so here's my own interpretation. My birthday is 11/11. so it must be that the angels are telling you to remember my birthday!!! hehe.

♥ Somebody Loved ♥ said...

who-hoo! Lori dear...
i think someone is trying to tell you something??? don't know what?
it makes you think doesn't it.
like not only pause...
but freeze in your tracks.

Tav and Jen said...

My mom has that same phone! I'm glad we got to see you as well. Deryck did such a good job. It was very nice.

♥ Somebody Loved ♥ said...

Tag you're it!
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