Sunday, February 22, 2009


While doing my usual blog stalking, I came a cross a friends blog titled "apologies". It got me thinking, Im sure there are apologies that I have failed to make that are long overdue. So here goes........

First- I realize that lots of times my sarcastic nature gets me in trouble. I have made comments without thinking first and then when I realized that I had indeed offended someone or hurt someones feelings, the damage is done. When it is pointed out to me, or on those rare occasions that I catch myself, Im devastated by it. I hope that anyone reading my blog knows me well enough to know that I never would do anything like this on purpose.
Second - I apologize to my kids for not always being there for them. My greatest desire in the whole world is to have a close relationship with them. I know that sometimes I overstep my bounds and as tempted as I am to add that "thats just what mothers do!" I won't. I need them all to know that there is nothing, NOTHING I WOULDN'T DO FOR THEM and that I LOVE THEM. I hope that they each will continue to have patience with me, I am very far from perfect, but know that I am striving daily to be the best Mom (and Grandma) that I can be.
Third- I apologize to my many, many wonderful friends that are always there for me, I must apologize for not always doing the same. I have one friend in particular that has been so diligent in phone calls, cards, offers for lunchs and just about anything else I can think of. I truly know she would be there for me through thick and thin. I have many friends that are this same way and would do just about anything for me. For this I am greatful. Thank you for accepting me with my shortcomings and choosing to be my friends anyway.
Fourth (and most importantly) - I apologize to my very best friend Kevin. I am overly involved in both of my jobs and this takes me away from home WAY TO MUCH! I need him to know that he is my life, he is my inspiration, my rock in times of trials and sorrow. He is who I speak of when I place quotes on my headers. The most recent one being "My Best Friend is the one that brings out the best in me!" He most definately brings out the best in me. He is my example of patience, love, kindness and most importantly SERVICE! Kevin would do anything for anyone but mostly for me. Just sitting here tonight I realized that I do most of the talking (imagine that, LOL :) I ramble on about what a rough day I've had and he is patient enough just to sit an listen, never complains, never critisizes me, just encourages me to be the best I can be. I apologize for not showing more of the quailities that he has. KEVIN I LOVE YOU!!!!!
This hopefully will serve as my public attempt to right some of my many, many wrongs. I truly am sorry from the bottom of my heart if I have offended anyone or hurt anyones feelings. My goal is to be the very best Wife, Mother, Grandma and friend that I can be.
Thank you all once more for accepting me as I am and choosing to be my HUSBAND, KIDS, FRIENDS and ASSOCIATES anyway.


♥ Somebody Loved ♥ said...

I am sure that you have not made as many mistakes that need apologies as you think.

This was a very sweet post.


Our Family said...

Um excuse me.....what about your extended family. hee hee hee