Monday, February 16, 2009

Attitude Is Everything

Yesterday in Sacrament Meeting the talks were on having missionary experiences. As I listened to the speakers I remember thinking to myself, "I have heard this before, but its just not that easy to bear my testimony to someone that I have (wrongly) pre-determined is not ready to listen". I can honestly say that I never gave it another thought after that. But oh boy the Lord has an amazing way of utilizing us when we least expect it.

I had a friend text me early this morning. This happened to be a friend who has had a couple of tough years. There was definately a sense of urgency to her situation this morning. After giving her the information she was inquiring about she commented that she felt that God had forgotten her, when he said that he will not give a person more than they can bear. She went on to say that somehow he had passed her by when it was her turn to have her burdens lightened.
I tried to explain back to her that he indeed WILL NOT give anyone more than they can bear, that he knew how strong of a person she was and that he knows what she is capable of bearing. I went on to tell her that everything happens for a reason (my ever famous motto!) and that there are lessons to be learned in every test we are given.
With that she texted back with a "Im sorry but, WHATEVER!!! My faith is drowning. Now I know this friend well enough to know when she texts WHATEVER she is MAD! "OH OH!", I thought, "Ive really upset her now. " But you know what, at that point I made a quick decision. I could either play into her "woe is me" attitude or I could try to say something to change her attitude. Keep in mind that this happens to be a friend that Im a little bit scared of. I have caught myself many a times agreeing with her just to keep from having a confrontation.
In true LORI style I texted back "Im sorry if I made you mad but that is one area I WILL NOT BACK DOWN IN!!!" I too have had a couple of really tough years, but I have tried to learn the lessons that go along with those trials. Sure I have found myself getting down, but not for long. I really thought that she was going to march right into my office today and let me have it, so I was prepared for that too. I decided that had she indeed come to my office that I was going to sit her down and give her an ATTITUDE ADJUSTMENT! We could compare our tough situations, only to find out that they are probably very similar. I would explain to her that the difference between her bad years and her feelings of hopelesness, and my bad years and still being able to carry a smile is all about attitude. I believe in times of trial we have two choices. We can either have the "I have been passed by attitude", or the "Alright Lord, what lesson am I supposed to be learning from this attitude"?
(Of course I talk BIG, but keep in mind had she really come to my office I probably would have ran an hid!) LOL :)
My last text of the day to her was to let her know that I LOVE HER and that my hand will always reach into that water of despair and lift her up, I would never let her drown. I guess in a sense I shared a little bit of the Gospel with her. Have you ever had a moment when you felt the person on the other end of the text was crying? That is exactly what I was feeling at that moment, whether that is actually what was happening, I will never know) but I do know that several long minutes later I received a final text from her saying "THANK YOU!"


♥ Somebody Loved ♥ said...

Thank you for sharing this sweet and personal story... it just assures me that you are the person I believed you are.


Katie said...

That's a great story Lori, thank you for sharing. I know that when you get through hard times with your faith you can then help others get there too. I miss you! Take care

Danila said...

One thing that I have learned and seen over and over again is that Love goes a long way, especially in the gospel. It's not always about giving someone a Book of Mormon or referring them to the site. Most of the time all it takes is love, we are all predisposed to the gospel, there are just a few of us that it takes a little while longer to be reminded of it.

What a great friend you are to this person, the love you showed her was more than likely all she needed, and through your example she will feel God's love for her.

Medeiros Family said...

Your friend sounds like someone I know... Thanks for this post, it was very motivating to me. Please keep my sister in your prayers. She really needs them now.

Our Crazy Life said...

Hey Lori! Ok, I think I am slowly getting back into shooting. I know you have been wanting to get family pictures. Did you want to do studio or outdoors?

di said...

You must be a wonderful friend!

Thanks Lori
I was surprised to see you at my diet post, but glad. I kept thinking I would tell people about the blog when I proved myself on the diet - hee hee - you found me early and are offering the support I need during the hardest days. Thanks so much!
Were the frist few days hard for you?