Wednesday, July 29, 2009

Our Fabulous Family Vacation!

Where do I start? I have so much catching up to do.
This past weekend we were able to work it out so that our entire family could meet up in Salt Lake for a very memorable (and much needed) vacation. Deryck and Brittany had already planned on being in Park City for the week because Brittany's sister played in a soft ball tournament there. and Jestin, Taryn and Blayke rode up with Kevin and I. We left on Saturday and decided that we were going to make this a very laid back trip. We got to Cedar City and decided to stop and spend the night there. I didn't get any pictures in Cedar City but we went swimming at the hotel and had a great time.
Sunday morning we got up and decided to take a route that we don't usually take. We would head around through Delta, Utah. We haven't been there in many years. This is where the real adventure began. Kevin got on a road that he thought was the old highway to Delta. Shortly after getting on "said road" it turned to dirt.
Now if any of you know Kevin you also know that it is not easy to tell him that you don't think he's on the right road. He was determined that he WAS on the right road. Well needless to say after an hour of driving 80 miles an hour on dirt (YEP you heard me right, 80 miles an hour) we finally saw life in a small town with a population of 3, I know this because all three of the towns folk were up on the roof of the only home (single wide tralier) in the beautiful town of Lund, Utah, working on the air conditioner. I never even knew there was a Lund, Utah. This is where Kevin finally admitted that yes indeed he must have gotten on the wrong road so you guessed it, we turned around and did another hours worth of driving (YEP at 80 miles an hour on dirt) to get back where we began. We eventually got to Delta. Taryn called her cousin Ashley Leavitt who now lives in Delta. Ashley along with her adorable baby Vance were able to meet us at the park in town for a very nice, but short, visit.
After our adventures in finally getting to Delta we headed to Springville where we decided to spend the night. We made arrangements to go up Hobble Creek Canyon on Monday and spend the day on the Ranch where Kevin and his Dad used to work. This is the home that Kevin and I lived in many years ago up Hobble Creek Canyon in Springville. The Ranch used to belong to Kevins Brother -In -Laws family, which is who Kevin and Dad worked for. They sold the ranch a few years back and now Kevins Neice and her Husband Bradene and Zack work up on the ranch for the new owner. Here are some pictures of the new home that the new owner built. It is unbelievable.
This is a picture of a huge pond and a bridge that Kevin and his Dad built while working on the ranch years ago. The second picture is a smaller pond up a bit higher. I really, really miss the beauty and the wildlife on the Ranch (but I can honestly say that I don't miss living in the snow in the winter.) As we headed back down the mountain this is what we saw. After a very enjoyable day on the Ranch we headed to Lehi where we decided to spend the night and go swimming at the hotel. We had stopped at Parkers Drive In in American Fork for dinner. Parkers is a memory from my past. They serve all of their hamburgers with pink sauce....MMMMMMM!! My kids talk about Parkers all the time and make it a point to eat there whenever we are up that way. Once we got our food we headed to the park in town and let Blayke play. It was so nice to not feel rushed to get anywhere and be able to enjoy one anothers company.
Tuesday morning we got up early and headed to Salt Lake to meet my Sister and the kids for breakfast.
After breakfast we headed for Park City to spend the day with Deryck and Brittany. Everyone except me (the big weenie that is scared of heights) rode the Alpine slide. It is the actual ski slope there. You ride the lift to the top of the mountain and slide down a great big concrete slide on sleds. They had a blast! I know that Taryn got pictures so I will try to get some from her to post because again I didn't have my camera. She is so good to remember her camera and take awesome pictures.
Tuesday night was Jacobs big night. Jacob was sealed to his parents in the Salt Lake Temple. Kevin and I were honored to be a part of this awesome event.
Wednesday we went to the Hogle Zoo. Kristy, Makaylee and jacob were able to go with us. We had a great time but believe it or not I didn't have my camera. I'm sure Taryn will post pictures of the zoo so you can check out pictures from her blog. Wednesday evening we headd back down to American Fork where I grew up to have a BBQ with my family. It was another fun filled day with lots of good food and plenty of catching up with everyone.
Every since my sister Kristy told me about the Oquirrh Mountain Temple open house I have had a strong desire to attend it with my entire family. We were finally able to attend the open house on Thursday morning. I guess I was so caught up in my emotions of the event that I completely forgot to grab my camera for a family picture. After, Deryck and Brittany headed back to Park City and the rest of us headed home. This was an incredible end to an amazing family vacation. I am so greatful for the amazing family that I have and thank my Heavenly Father daily for having each of them in my life.
Thanks everyone for making my dream come true!!!


Burt Family said...

Sounds like you had a great week with your family. I love to go on vacation and not feel rushed to get anywhere.

Jen Millett said...

Love all the pictures! You left that ranch to come to Overton! ha ha JK Hey thanks again for making it to the temple and the card your always so thoughtful! XoXoX

Camille said...

Sorry I missed seeing you, but it sounds like you had a great vacation! Hope to catch up to you soon...

Danila said...

Wow that really is an eventful weekend! How fun, it's great that you were able to be there for Jacob to be sealed to your sister's family how exciting! We miss you all, hope you can make it down our way soon, we have lots of dirt roads on the way you can take at 80 mph :)

ronda said...

Sounds like you had a great time I always loved Utah do you miss it?

Danila said...

That's so pretty! A few weeks ago, my mommy and my daddy took me to the Reno temple. She even let us walk on the temple grounds! I was so happy! I could feel the spirit rushing inside of me. It was a great spiritual experience! I might see you soon! from,