Monday, August 3, 2009

A Statement to Ponder

I heard a statement today that was not only profound but also makes alot of sense.
"In this world, in it's current state, with all of the future decisions that we will surely be forced to make, remember two things;
1- never make a decision out of fear and
2- never make a decision with contention."
As I thought about that, I realized that if I will try to pray before making ANY decisions, I stand a far better chance of making the RIGHT ones.


Torrey said...

Very true. Thanks for sharing.

ShEiLa said...

Ever since Tony left for work tonight... I have been waiting to hear how Kevin is????

I was shocked when he told me that Kevin had left work in an ambulance with chest pain. I hope all is well.

Love you guys!


Danila said...

That's a great quote, thanks for sharing! I hope Kevin's doing much better, you have both been in our prayers.