Friday, October 31, 2008

Way back in the beginning of my "Blogging" (just a few days ago) I mentioned that we were living in our toy hauler in Overton. Let me just paint a picture for you of our home. We have your usual kitchen, complete with a stove, sink and a fridge big enough to put 3 waters, 2 diet cokes, a 1/2 gallon of milk and if your very creative about stacking, maybe some eggs! Next we move on to the living room (about 1 step away from the kitchen). Here we have our couch, table, TV, and................well thats about it for the Living Room. Just beyond that (Yes, again about 1 step away you will find Jax's bed. Its actually two queen sized beds at the end of the toy hauler. Im including a pic of Kevin and Jax, on Jax's bed. (Kevin is the "Chosen One" the only living soul that Jax will let anywhere near his bed.)

Above his bed is the guest room (the other queen sized bed). Now turn completely around and head the other direction, about 6 steps and you will be at the bottom of our staircase (2 steps) leading to the bathroom and the "Master Retreat". The bath has the usual potty, sink (very small of course) and shower (FULLSIZE, YEAHHH!) The "Master Retreat" includes another queen size bed (pop-out), full length closet, and TV, (I sound like Im trying to sell a home LOL :)). My whole point of telling you all this is because I have finally after 43 years come to realize that your home is what you make of it, and just for the record, I LOVE THIS ONE!!! We have lived in so many homes in our 26 years of marriage and I can honestly say that I love this the most (oh sure I miss being able to hang all of my pictures and move furniture around) but thats not what its all about. Its about the closeness (literally, we can't walk anywhere without bumping into one another) that we feel.

All joking aside, this has been an incredible opportunity living here at Mom and Dads, knowing this is truly where we are meant to be, for however long we need to be here. I would not trade the times we had with Rodger, our special angel, for anything in this world.

I truly believe that if you open your heart and listen that you will be guided and directed by our Heavenly Father. Five years ago, this is not how I would have guessed that things would be. But when you pray for answers and truly open your heart, and listen, you may directed in a path that you never dreamt about before. And believe me when I say that these past 10 months living here have been not only a blessing but a dream, an opportunity to become closer to one another as well as Mom and Dad and especially to RODGER!!!!


[Somebody Loved] said...

I told Tony that we need to live in something like that... we are looking at property close to our kids but until Tony is done working our main residence will be here... he complained it was too small. (someone is a bit spoiled) When Cest was little and Ted was in my tummy and thereafter... we lived in a 21 foot travel trailer. It actually isn't bad. Yours looks extra fancy & awesome though.

Taryn said...

Home is where your heart is :)

D&D said...

Are you serious. You don't have a home with a foundation anymore? We have a 25 ft. Travel trailer Dennis says when I am gone that's where he is going to live. I have too much junk to live there now. All my best to you I would like to reduce but can't do it yet.