Sunday, December 7, 2008

The Village of Deryck in the Kingdom called Overton

Once upon a time there were two canines named Prince Gunner and Prince Clutch. Both canines were lonely and longed to have a best friend. Prince Gunner, the overly active canine, moved to a new house in a wee kingdom known as Overton. Prince Clutch, the more laid back canine, lived in a much larger kingdom known as Las Vegas. Both canines would spend hours dreaming of what it would be like to have a best friend.

Prince Gunner (the overly active canine)

Prince Clutch (the more laid back canine)
Prince Gunner would spend hours inside only to be let out every few hours for a nature call. Prince Gunner became very lonesome. One day Prince Gunners very handsome Master Deryck, and Derycks very handsome Father King Kevin, put up a fence in Derycks yard.
As soon as the fence was complete, Prince Gunner was allowed to roam the yard without any supervision. You see in months past Prince Gunner would sneak out of the yard in search for a new best friend and his Master Deryck would become very angry when he had to chase Prince Gunner down the road to catch him. But even with the new found freedom of an enclosed yard Prince Gunner still felt lonely and felt that something was missing.
Meanwhile, many miles away Prince Clutch too would spend hours every day dreaming about a new best friend. When Prince Clutchs very handsome Master Jestin heard that his brother Deryck was puting up a fence for canines to run free, he thought of how nice it would be for Prince Clutch to be able to experience life in the tiny kingdom of Overton. So Jestin and Deryck agreed that both canines should live for a time together and run wild and free in Derycks village in the tiny kingdom of Overton. So the next morning they set out for the long one hour journey.
Upon Prince Clutchs arrival in the year of 2008 and the month of December, both canines were a bit nervous about these new arrangements. They spent several minutes sniffing one another as canines do. They then chased one another barking and growling, showing their teeth, each trying to show that they were the better canine. After a short time Prince Gunner (the overly active canine) was nearly worn out from all of the days activities, while Prince Clutch (the laid back canine) had discovered some new found energy. Both soon realized that they had been granted their wish, each now had a new best friend. They both showed their appreciation to their Masters by giving them wet canine kisses letting them know how much they would enjoy their new found friends and their new found lives together in the village of Deryck, in the tiny Kingdom of Overton.


Tami said...

Have you ever thought of a career in writing children's books!!! very cute, I'll have to bring Degan over to play he needs a fenced in yard to run around in too!!haha

Jenni said...

If you are still up go to bed! You can return the favor to me by telling me to go to bed too!

♥ Somebody Loved ♥ said...

New best friends... Awhhhh.

ronda said...

what a cute story and cute pictures a true love story luv ya

Taryn said...

I miss Clutch :( I'm so glad they love eachother! Such cute pictures!

Katie said...

Lori, I am so glad you found me. I love blogging now, I have found so many people that I lost touch with. Its so good to hear from you. I hope all is well. Take care, and keep in touch. :)