Saturday, December 6, 2008


Maybe its just this sickness or maybe Im just getting soft.....not sure which (or maybe its both and then some) whatever it is Im not sure how to interpret it. I swear I have cried at least twice a week for the past 2 or 3 months. I do have to admit that most of the tears have been happy tears or tears that you cry when you share memories or your testimony with friends and family. I have had the awesome opportunity to share some of my most personal thoughts and experiences these past couple of weeks with some family members. I find that I cannot hardly begin to speak and Im crying, (such a cry baby). I feel like I personally have had some real spiritual growing experiences. Times when you feel like the information you are recieving or learning about is stuff that you have known or that you learned about several years ago, Its the same lessons, the same information but this time my understanding of certain things is different. You know the times Im talking about, the times when you go.......OH I GET IT NOW! Ive heard it said before that you will recieve information as you are ready for it or when you really need it. Well for some reason Im REALLY, REALLY ready for it or better still I REALLY, REALLY need it.......................But it is also at these very moments, the moments that seem to be nearly perfect that Satan steps in and tries his hardest to confuse you. It angers him to think about anyone moving forward with a positive Eternal prospective. Thank goodness we recognize this and are able to put a BIG STOP to his nasty little plan. Can't you just picture this, Satan sneaking up on us, in a room that has no light, ready to pounce, knowing that he can grab us as long as it remains dark. When suddenly the lights come on, and he is forced to go back where he came from without the precious cargo he came for, US!

I know this post probably sounds like rambling to some but after these past two weeks, to some it will have very significant meaning. Oh and brace yourselves for this next piece of information.........................Im crying again! (Imagine that!)


♥ Somebody Loved ♥ said...

Tears are much more than the outpouring of sorrow, for they may also start forth in the presence of beauty, in moments of great joy, at times of sudden relief from worry. In such situations, they seem unreasonable and inappropriate. Yet a significant lesson of contemporary psychology is that such unexpected actions stem from the most powerful but best-hidden needs and secrets of our own hearts. Unaccountable tears can therefore be a means of self-revelation, personal wisdom and deeper happiness. [The Wisdom of Tears by Morton M. Hunt]

I just found this quote, now I need to find/buy/check-out this book... it looks like a though provoking one.


Torrey said...

Thanks for the comment on my blog! You are so sweet. I am doing my blog for my boys, so everything I write I try to make it about my boys. I am glad you like it!! Sometimes I feel like it is probably really boring to others, but that's alright because I know it will mean a lot to my boys one day.

It's funny how you can receive the same teachings over and over again, but learn something new each time. I'm glad they are happy tears.

Kasey and Audrey said...

I can totally relate to this! I know those moments when that lightbulb finally turns on. We all progress at our own pace don't we. Love ya!