Wednesday, February 11, 2009

That "OH NO' feeling in my stomache

I had a really good talk with a great friend today about the fact that I don't like to prepare talks. I would rather a talk come from my heart. I kind of feel the same way with my blog. When I set it up, it was with the intent of using it as an online Journal. Many a nights I will sit and just wait for some type of inspiration to come for a topic to post. Well here is tonights inspirational thoughts; have you ever been "Blog Stalking" and commented on someones site only to go back and read it and find that you have misspelled a word? Once your comment goes "live" you read it and feel that "OH NO" feeling through your stomache?

That is exactly what happened to me tonight. I was congratulating a friend on a great decision. I don't know about you but for some reason as I comment or post, I feel like Im back in High School typing class and the race is on to be the fastest typer in the class. Most of the time I fail to take the time to reread what my comments say, therefore sometimes my spelling is very, very bad.
My final line to her was "CONGULATIONS on your decision!" Now at first glance you might think that said congratulations, so did I! But as I read my post out loud to Kevin I read it exactly how it was spelled (now instead of the feeling of being in High School typing class, I feel as if Im in kindergarten learning how to "sound out a word".) Theres that "OH NO" feeling hitting my stomache. The first thought that crosses my mind is " Oh No what if CONGULATIONS means something bad?" So I do what any after hours blogger would do, I post another comment to giggle at myself and explain that I really meant CONGRATULATIONS and not CONGULATIONS.
WHEWWWWW Wipe the sweat off my brow and proceed to my Yahoo home page where I immediately type in CONGULATIONS to assure myself that I hadn't offended my friend. Turns out Im definately not the only "Speed Typer" in the internet world. CONGRATULATIONS is spelled CONGULATIONS over and over again. Cracked me up!!!!!! and hopefully taught me a lesson on re-reading my words before hitting the button. Aren't we taught that in first or second grade? LOL :)


Vicki said...

You nut!! I wouldn't know what "congulations" means anyway! Wow - a post about ME! ( I understand that "stupid" feeling you get when you don't spell a word right, believe me)

♥ Somebody Loved ♥ said...

WE all do it.
[it drives me nuts when i do... i have deleted... to start over... or left an extra comment like you)
Thank heavens we are not being graded on these blogs... it would ruin all the fun.

I missed you for a few days. You must be busy. Never... (wink-wink)